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Apex Legends Mobile will immerse players in dramatic survival battles for hours. Hold the weapon firmly in your hand to sweep the map
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Oct 6, 2022
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Apex Legends Mobile hasn’t let down the players as it is now officially available in the mobile version for everyone to experience it easily. It is recognizable that it is a product of the manufacturer ELECTRONIC ARTS; It will be a game to look forward to. Despite being the same battle royale genre with the once famous PUBG name, this game brings a new breeze and is a bit more futuristic.

Apex Legends Mobile MOD


Coming to Apex Legends Mobile, many players will initially think of a different version of PUBG since the gameplay isn’t much different. But the truth is that it transports you to a future world with sci-fi imagery only found in movies. Everything seems far from the expectations of many players because it is so perfect that no other game can compare.

Still, old-style, you’ll parachute from a plane, land on the ground, and then pick up weapons scattered throughout to engage in thrilling survival battles. Instead of each game there will be a total of 100 people and a group of 4 people, now the number of players will only be 60. Of course there are only three people in a team, but for that there will be more exciting features waiting for you to discover them.

Apex Legends Mobile Free MOD


Since the number of players is minimal, the map will also shrink. So if you only land from above, you should find your weapon as soon as possible. It’s fair to say that once you enter a game screen, you have to choose to pick up fewer items and engage in more skirmishes. However, it’s also not really true since in some cases you can prepare yourself the necessary equipment just in case.

Apex Legends Mobile MOD APK

The pace of the game is also quite fast, so you must always be ready to fight because if you ignore it even for a few seconds, the chances of being attacked by your opponent are very high. But don’t worry because you still have teammates by your side to support you in difficult times. A unique feature here is that if you are about to die, other team members can go to the points marked on the map to revive you, and you have the option to return to the battle once.

Apex Legends Mobile Free MOD APK


When playing in multiplayer squadrons, select your legend and form a party with two other players. Bring your individual talents together to be the last remaining team. Join forces with friends and other players to complete team tasks and take control of the competition.


An interesting point in Apex Legends Mobile that other FPS games don’t have is that you can choose from the available legends. Instead of having to choose a standard character, you can now transform yourself into many legends with beautiful costumes. In addition, you can customize your legends with unique skins. There is nothing better than owning a perfect character and it will create more excitement for you to play.

Apex Legends Mobile APK

Weapons are definitely essential in survival battles, and they are also effective helpers that will help you defeat your opponent with a single touch. You will no longer see images of well-known weapons like in PUBG, but more modern weapons. Weapons and gear are very advanced futuristic items and incredibly powerful.

  • Discover an ever-growing collection of powerful legends.
  • Choose a hero to suit your playstyle and preferences from a wide range of characters.
  • Legends each have their own personality, traits, and powers that set them apart from others.
  • Immerse yourself in a world full of intricate stories and detailed character profiles.
  • Skins allow you to express yourself and stand out from crowd by customizing your favorite legends.

Apex Legends Mobile Free APK


Learn how to harness your legend’s talents and make wise decisions as turmoil unfolds. Combat includes new and unique elements such as Jumpmaster Deployments, allowing players to construct spectacular flights – and fights – on the battlefield.

  • You can choose your favorite legends and customize the UI to make the character stand out better
  • Immerse yourself in dramatic survival battles and face off against various formidable opponents.
  • Experience ultimate power of modern and futuristic weapons.
  • Realistic visual effects from character gestures to eye-catching and beautiful action sequences.
  • Show off your combat skills and join your teammates to become a mighty force sweeping the map.



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