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ARC Browser is a rom collection browser and emulator frontend that maintains a database of all your games, presented in a user friendly way, and let's you play them using your favorite emulators. Suitable for both phones and tablets (provided you have a gamepad), Android-powered arcade cabinets and of course Android TV!
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Dec 11, 2022
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ARC Browser is a rom collection browser and emulator interface that maintains a database of all your games presented in a user friendly way and allows you to play them using your favorite emulators. Suitable for both phones and tablets (if you have a gamepad) and, of course, Android TV!

REGARDING SCRAPPING: TheGamesDB is currently used as the default database for scraping. However, they sometimes experience problems with their servers, in which case the cleanup may fail. To get around this, you can try changing “Scraper Database” setting to the “Arcturus (TheGamesDB cache)”. This is a per-system setting, so you’ll need to change it for each system you want to clear.


  • A searchable database of all the games, indexed by the system and category.
  • Automatic extraction of data about your games and loading of covers and background images.
  • Support for native Android games.
  • Single player game. When you click Play, you can choose which version to download. Useful not only when you have the different versions of game, but also for the multi-disc games
  • More than 90 presets for different emulators
  • Can be used as a default launcher


  • Boxart, background images, and game titles in Play Store screenshots have been blurred or removed to avoid copyright infringement.
  • This application does not contain emulators or games
  • Many good emulators are not currently listed in Android TV Play Store, but that does not necessarily mean they do not work on the Android TV. You should read about uploading the unpublished material.
  • Gamepad required.
  • Extracting illustrations and metadata from online databases requires third-party services. If you’re having problems, first check the status of the server. The developer of this application is not responsible for availability of the such services.


Your ROMs should be named as close as possible to the original name of the game. However, there are a few settings you can use to fine-tune the scraping process. For example, converting “, The” in a filename to “The” and ignoring text in brackets and square brackets. If no match is found, it will also attempt to automatically replace any instance of “-” in a filename with “:”.


All images in the ARC Browser, including but not limited to the cover and background, can be customized. For example, if you don’t like auto-clearing box art, you can use your own. You can also further customize the appearance of the app with themes.

What's new


  • Fixed issue where ARC Browser fails to create correct SAF URI when the rom directory is directly below the root of the storage
  • Fixed rare crash when default_background.png is not a valid image file


  • ARC Browser can now send SAF URIs without requiring any helper apps
  • Setting to change the order of items on the Arcade system select screen
  • Setting to show Recently Played as a standalone system in Modern
  • Bugfixes

Full release notes at


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