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Get Bomber Friends now and join the immensely hectic and fun online multiplayer game! Bomb your friends and be the last to survive to win the match!
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Dec 8, 2022
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Get Bomber Friends MOD APK now and join the extremely hectic and fun online multiplayer game! Blast the friends and be last one alive to win the match. Collect bonuses to get more powerful bombs. Use the explosive bombs to blow up your friends from all over map. The new multiplayer arena makes online play even better and more fun.

Bomber Friends MOD APK


Bomber Friends is a game that brings a lot of intimacy where you can relive the bombing gameplay and face off against enemies. Easy access to the gameplay and character movements to place the bombs in the correct position. In this case, the opponents are very different, either monsters or experienced players. This game can be effectively entertained.


  • Online multiplayer games can compete from 2 to 8 people! Organize the competition with your friends or play against the random opponents.
  • Clans can be formed or joined, and players can interact with each other.
  • Challenge your friends in virtual arenas to reach new heights and discover new unique explosives, power-ups and gear! The player with the best results as a bomber gets the most medals in the game.
  • Various types of unique explosives are used to destroy opponents. Build your battle deck by collecting the necessary items.
  • Collect bonuses while keeping an eye on nasty curses.
  • Gameplay in classic Bomber style, but with controls optimized for touchscreen use!
  • Single player campaign mode included with over 300 levels! You have to make your way through six different worlds filled with insidious enemies and puzzling riddles.
  • Getting to know Bomb Finding in

Bomb Finding Familiarity in Game

Konami’s Bomberman game can be traced back to many people’s childhood, so getting to know Bomber-Her Friends might feel familiar. Your task is simple: place the bomb in a certain place and wait for it to explode. At the same time, you can also use the bombs placed on the field to counter certain enemies and try to kill them quickly. So everyone can enjoy experiencing it.

The player can navigate their brick-covered 2D environment and use bombs to destroy them at will. At the same time, of course, bombs cannot affect the characters. In addition, there are always enemies that you need to defeat and they are constantly moving to get closer to you and attack you. You can use the joystick and the bomb button to move around the environment dynamically and create precise and sonic explosions.

Attack Your Enemies with Bombs

In Bomber Friends, players take part in various battles, including campaigns, tournaments, and multiplayer games. Each mode offers the new challenges and changing enemies to adapt to. In particular, in the campaign you will find many missions, the purpose of which is to find the way to the next area. The keys are scattered along the stone walls, which must be destroyed with bombs.

Pay attention to the characteristics of your character on the left side of the screen. In particular, you can find health, attack, movement and other stats. Every enemy that attacks you causes you to lose health points, and you also know the consequences of your health dropping to zero. eat. How many bombs can you place, how much damage can you deal, and even how fast can you move.

improve your character’s skills

In addition to the campaign mode where you improve your character’s skills, you can also participate in other game modes where players fight against very experienced players. In multiplayer, the goal is to defeat the enemy, and their tactics and movements are also completely more deliberate than those of the campaign monsters. You can also participate in tournaments and go through many qualifiers to get the ultimate victory.

When meeting Bomber Friends, you cannot ignore the factors that increase the strength of character. In addition to the temporary bonuses, bonus cards and crystals are also useful. Enhancement cards are found in chests and have abilities that can be upgraded. Crystals can used to increase character’s base stats.


Get Bomber Friends MOD APK now and join the extremely hectic and fun online multiplayer game! Blast the friends and be the last one alive to win match!



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