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Chess is one of the best and interesting games on Earth! It is played by millions players around the world, from children to the elderly. But to understand how to play chess, it is not enough just know chess rules and names of chess pieces.
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Dec 3, 2022
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Chess Coach Pro is one of best and most interesting games on the Earth! It is played by the millions of players around world, from children to the elderly. But to understand how to play chess, it is not enough just to know the chess rules and the names of the chess pieces. It is much more important to study chess strategy and tactics, as well as all the squares of the chessboard, in order to navigate it well.

Chess Coach Pro APK


If you are passionate about chess, especially chess, this game will satisfy all your cravings. Players will find ways to experience unique chess boards and discover new strategies to win.

Main Features

Start with an exciting chess game

Chess Coach Pro is the perfect environment to train your brain and gain new knowledge in this game. This game will take you to a world full of knowledge through an addictive yet fun game of chess. However, this is not a game based on luck and the player must use skill and a unique strategy to win. The application sets up an automatic game mode, so it is always ready to fight with you, and your journey to conquer the chessboard begins immediately.

Experience an exciting game of chess

In order not to evoke emotions in the player, we will take you to an exciting game space that is unique to this game. No wonder chess is compared to miniature warfare because of its allure. In this case, the player will have to make a lot of mental effort to find the right path and defeat the opponent. However, this game is so complex that you may not be able to calculate all reasonable movement strategies. Also, be careful and always focus on beating your opponent, as the slightest gap on the chessboard can be tested and defeated.

Solve puzzles with every move and experience more new features

The game is designed with a harmonious interface with pleasant colors so that you can feel as comfortable as possible while playing. In addition, the game offers 4,200 chess puzzles on various topics, while requiring you to guess the correct move in order to move on to the next move. Also, the enemy is always there, so you need to think carefully so as not to regret leaving. You can develop your own strategy to win.


  • Experience the exciting game of chess and you will have the opportunity to train your thinking with this mind game, start your matches and win
  • The game will provide you with a chessboard with two incredibly realistic black and white pieces so that you can feel better in the game. , plus you will fight on the unique chessboard.
  • This game does not rely on chance, so players will have to use their unique strategies to create the most dangerous positions to defeat the enemy.
  • With attractive and addictive gameplay, you will dive into space with chess pieces; you will also have to solve puzzles to move on to the next chess move.
  • The freedom to create your own paths as long as you follow the rules to be able to win; it is a perfect brain game that is very suitable for your experience.

What's new

Hello players! In the new version we have introduced fixes and improvements to “Chess Coach Pro” to make you play even stronger. We wish you beautiful victories in chess!



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