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The real-time strategy game Firefight APK is set during World War II and features more artificial intelligence (AI) and attention to detail than any other game in the genre.
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Sean O'Connor
Nov 23, 2022
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The real-time strategy game the Firefight APK is set during the World War II. It has more artificial intelligence (AI) and attention to detail than any other game in this genre.


Firefight is a modern shooter that realistically and subtly mimics the era of ancient wars. Players travel through space, returning to the anti-enemy period and fighting powerful enemy forces throughout the day. Join fight against the enemies and show off your shooting skills. Also, if you want to explore and experience life in such a war, you can join it right now.

Combat support equipment

Players have the right to own a beautiful and modern main battle tank while participating in skirmishes. It is modeled like real life, can run on a physics engine, and has some other unique details. It also provides weapons with very high damage abilities. Each weapon is designed with a different design. Each type has a specific process and the overall goal is to shoot and kill all enemies. Each bullet and grenade is drawn in 3D to enhance reader interest and excitement.

Fight my company

To defeat the enemy in a firefight with a strong enemy, you need your own strong ally. If you run out of ammo during a fight, you can call on your teammates to refuel. All snipers are talented shooters and know how to develop smart gameplay to get their score back quickly. They are a source of the motivation, people who help you a lot and support you in battle.

If important, contact your healthcare provider

If you have been tragically injured during the fierce and violent struggle between the two factions, please seek out the medical staff for enthusiastic advice and support in bandaging and wound healing. In addition, you also have the ability to monitor and analyze the fatigue of professional infantrymen at all levels in order to recover and recuperate, making your life on foot more enjoyable than ever.

Post-stress entertainment and entertainment for many ages

Firefight is a popular game among young people and most young people often join it to have fun, socialize and relax after a busy activity. What’s more, no matter the age, child or adult, as long as they have passion, they have the right to experience exciting adventures in this game.



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