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Friendly Social Browser Premium APK is the most complete alternative to your favorite social networks, Over 17 million mobile downloads! Built as an extension of the light mobile website, it preserves your battery, storage and data, while giving you back control over your news feed.
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Dec 8, 2022
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Friendly Social Browser is the most complete alternative to your favorite social networks with over 17 million downloads! Designed as an extension to a lightweight mobile website, it saves your battery, storage and data, and gives you control over your news feed.

Friendly Social Browser MOD APK

Friendly Social Browser Introduction

You’ve never saved battery life like when you entered the world of Friendly Social Browser. Our most impressive features allow you to experience various special emotions. This could be a search query filter feature that avoids uninteresting posts. Conversely, you can post engaging posts that match the user’s interests in the first category. In addition, you can also easily download large amounts of data to your mobile device.

Why You’ll Love Friendly Social Browser

  • Upload your videos or photos
  • Manage your news feed with keyword filters
  • Sort the news feed by most recent posts.
  • No need for another app for messaging with friends.
  • Protect your account with a fingerprint and password lock. Quickly switch between multiple
  • social media accounts.
  • night themes
  • AMOLED mode for battery saving
  • Quiet hours for notifications
  • Enhanced privacy with PIN or fingerprint lock
  • Beautiful material themes

Download videos and photos for free

Above all, the app continues to attract millions of users to download thanks to its unique download feature. Let’s say you like videos and photos and want to own them right away. Download in less than a minute. It doesn’t matter how much space that data takes up for that application. Enjoy the best picture and video quality.

Set keywords for search filters

As if that wasn’t enough, the friendly social browser has top selling features that not all similar apps can offer. The feature we’re talking about here is ability to control the news feed. A good example to help visualize this unique trait is if you don’t like fashion. Instantly block fashion related keywords like trends, designers, etc.

Prioritize only your favorite keywords

Unlike the features above, there are filter settings for specific keywords here. If you want to block the above posts containing keywords you don’t want to see, you’re in for a big surprise. In particular, users are free to set certain keywords. From there, articles containing those keywords will automatically appear at top of your custom message board.

Rapid update of trending content

In addition, users view content in a specific order about posts in the News Feed. Users do not need to worry about not being able to update again. Unless otherwise noted, Friendly Social Browser automatically sorts your news feed by time, starting with the most recent posts. Thus, users can enjoy the most up-to-date information without having to travel far.

Switch between multiple social networking accounts

Users don’t need any other third party apps as long as they have a friendly social browser. Users now have free access to the most popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Messenger and more. With such a simple app, you will never miss anything you need. Then, if you can easily switch between social media accounts with this app, feel free to use it.

Maximum information security and security

Not only that, Friendly Social Browser offers better security features. The issue of security between accounts is important as many different accounts can be registered with this application. We understand the needs of our customers and always ensure account security in various ways. In particular, fingerprints or passwords. If your mobile device supports the fingerprinting for the security reasons, you can sync. Otherwise, PIN protection is also not a bad feature.


Finally, Friendly Social Browser offers the great experience with the great graphics. Users can enjoy themes that are regularly changed and updated. You can also enjoy automatic day/night mode that matches the clock on your mobile device. This will provide maximum protection for your eyes. In addition, AMOLED mode introduces features that can save a lot of power.


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