Garena Free Fire v MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond, Menu, ESP)


Garena Free Fire Mod Menu APK is an immersive attractive shooting experience with multiple modes you can select from battle royale the clash.
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Nov 30, 2022
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Garena Free Fire – The New Age is a battle royale game where players try to survive in a dangerous environment with 49 other players. At the same time, you have access to many weapons in the clash team and show your shooting skills when you use the right weapons.

Garena Free Fire MOD


In Garena Free Fire – New Age, players will find many unique features and changes that represent a new development that matches the name of the new version. At the same time, you will find a new weapon, the MAC10, and of course, anyone who wants to try a new gun can choose his favorite gun. You will also have access to a new mode where you can fight against other players in the game.

The new game mode that you will find is the Lone Wolf mode and the gameplay is similar to the matchup team, but with a limited number of players. In addition, this mode also helps you to show your shooting skills in the game in rounds, and the weapons you choose will stick to the coolness. In other words, you use a different weapon than other players. This game mode only appears in a specific region, so you should not miss out on the experience.

Garena Free Fire Free MOD


In Garena Free Fire – New Age, players will find a much-loved game: battle royale, where players will show their shooting skills and solve situations. When you enter a match with 49 other players, this match time will decrease, but the attraction and tension will not decrease. So, after you land in a place, you move immediately to find the weapons you need.

There are many items you can get, such as backpacks, weapons, weapons, and support items. At the same time, depending on the level, the bag and weapon will also be useful. So you are always looking for the right things and meeting other players. When they are defeated, you get the loot they collect. In addition, you also need to focus on the safe place to move to the right place and continue to face other players in the game.

One good thing that players like when dealing with this game is that one gets some defensive skills to block the enemy’s weapons. Basically, they can create a shield to protect themselves and still use other techniques. So, in a big world where you don’t know where your enemies are, these shields will surely help you to hide and move to important places in the end game.

Garena Free Fire MOD APK


In addition to Garena Free Fire – New Age battle mode, players will find another exciting match mode. Its gameplay focuses on shooting as you engage in 4vs.4 matches. At the same time, on each screen of the game, you will earn money based on the results of the previous match that will help you buy the right weapons and equipment to attack the opponent. Additionally, the team that scores the most goals is the winner.

This mode gives you a more diverse experience because each weapon you find has a lot of different types of guns. For this reason, fights become more intense as people have a chance to kill what they want.

Garena Free Fire APK


When you experience Garena Free Fire – New Age, you will not be able to forget the idea that this game can give you in the skins that you can spin. In fact, the rewards you can spin are pretty random, one of which is a weapon skin. One thing to note about these skins is their properties. Some gun parameters are changed when you use the skins you can unlock.

The gun’s attribute section adds some stats but not all. In other words, a statistic that increases is accompanied by another statistic that decreases to normal. Therefore, this can be considered a unique opportunity in the survival contests in the game.

Garena Free Fire Free MOD APK

The shooting experience that this game brings has many attractions:

  • A huge, diverse world opens before the eyes of the player, and they spend their time exploring the elements and life in it.
  • A diverse equipment system allows players to experience and create attacks and moves in different and useful ways for many situations.
  • Changing the game mode allows the player to change the experience, and each one offers a different objective that the player must complete.
  • Weapon skins and skins are very visually appealing, and weapon skins offer an attribute change that players should pay attention to.
  • Exciting events are happening in the game that you can’t miss and don’t forget to try to use the newly updated weapon




1. Esp Names
2. Antenna Head
3. Reset Guest
4. Loot Area Location
5. Antenna Blue
6. Antenna Hand
7. Antenna Yellow
8. Anti Banned

NOTE: This is an external menu patcher so its safe to use and its tested no banned. android 11 is not yet test to work or not so you can try , use vmos app if you fail to work in android 11.

USAGE: You need to install the original free fire apk then use the external menu patcher

Mod Preview

Second Mod

Cre: JokerArt


Aimbot Menu
2.Aimbot Fire
3.Aimbot Scope
4.FOV 0-360
5.Distance 0-180
6.Smooth 0-15
7.Check Visible

ESP Material Menu
8.Grenade Line
9.Fire Line
10.Assistant Text
11.Alert Names(Lag)
12.Alert Names Attribute

ESP Menu
13.Line ESP
14.Box ESP
15.Types Boxes Normal, Filled, Corner, 3D
16.Distances ESP
17.Names ESP
18.Lines Color
19.Text Color
20.Text Size 15-30

21.Lines Car ESP
22.Names Car ESP
23.Distances Car ESP
24.Car ESP Color
25.Distance ESP Car 1-1700

26.Lines Catapult ESP
27.Distances Catapult ESP
28.Catapult ESP Color
29.Distance ESP Catapult 1-1700

30.High Jump 2x
31.High Jump 4x
32.High Jump Adjustable 1-100
33.Teleport Car

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