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hyperion launcher is not just a home, it needs to be an experience. We believe that not only should everyone deserve a sweet, feature-filled launcher with a beautiful UX
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Jul 20, 2022
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The Hyperion launcher isn’t just a home, it’s supposed to be an experience. We believe that not only should everyone deserve a nice, feature rich launcher with a beautiful UX, but we also wanted them to always be up to date with best of what Google has to offer at the constant pace, as well as constantly pushing new settings and customization options. that users need … no bells and whistles!

Hyperion Launcher MOD APK


Hyperion Launcher is the great widget launcher for the any Android phone. Lots of great features with very little volume like wallpapers, animations and iconography are the benefits of the app.

Looking for a launcher that fits your phone? In this case, Hyperion Launcher is perfect for you. This is a new launcher. It’s not best, but it can support all the Android OS on any smartphone. Many people trust this app because it has a lot of features but little space. Reduce burden on the users with free version!

Great Features for Desktop

This launcher allows users to update their devices and unlock additional features for their phones. Hyperion Launcher brings a freshness to your boring screen with desktop customization feature. A variety of themes are exquisitely designed in styles such as minimalism and modern. Deep dark mode makes your phone screen more attractive. Also, the user can instantly change their icon set without leaving the launch animation.

Users can easily access apps by swiping up to open them or by using the main app icon. On the main desktop interface, users can choose to display the desired application. Long press the icon of this application and drag it to the desired location in the interface menu. In addition, you can hide the application from the desktop to optimize the interface area and display other important information. In addition, users can set keys using Quick Her Passcode or Fingerprint Lock. The system is safe and secure and no information is shared with other partners.

Dynamic Calendar and Weather by Location

Hyperion Launcher allows users to quickly view time, date and weather without unlocking the phone. With the dynamic calendar feature, the user must select the time in their zone and the region they live in to best display the current time for that location. Or you can easily find a place to display the date and time automatically without manual intervention. In the settings, choose to display a simple dynamic calendar. Change the color and brightness of your photos to make your phone stand out from the day.

Also new in the app is viewing the weather without accessing the weather app. The only thing you need to do to set up this app on your phone is turn on geolocation so that the app can access your location. The desktop and lock screen phone interfaces display different time and weather layouts. Users choose style they want for their phones.

Experience the Animation Feature Utility

Animation is not a new launcher feature. However, for Hyperion Launcher, the animation is very fast and smooth. Dark and light modes make your photos more beautiful. As you move to the next image, the old image will gradually blur, creating a cinematic effect. The user can retrieve the old image using a physical check in operation.

In addition, the app also has cool features for your dock, such as dock/shadow bar style, dock display style, drawer, dock dimming, etc. With so many built-in features, this app creates a lot of problems. Surprise you with your super savings. The big savings here are both saving money and saving disk space. The app is free and users can download and use it for free on any platform. This app also saves space on your phone compared to many other launchers!


  • Free and memory-saving launcher suitable for all smartphone operating systems
  • Change the background and lock the screen with the variety of beautifully designed themes. Change icon packs on the fly without leaving the animation
  • Customize the interface to your liking by repositioning apps and hiding unwanted apps. Wallpaper gradient setting mode and swipe to make the operation more convenient
  • Allow the app to access your location to use the dynamic calendar features with accurate weather and local time without opening the weather app

What's new

Hyperion 2 is now in beta!
With all-new theming system, home transition animation and tons of improvements. This update is the biggest one we've ever made!


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