Mushroom Wars 2 v MOD APK (Menu, Damage, Speed)


Mushroom Wars 2 Mod APK offers players exciting competitive times as they control a force of mushroom warriors to conquer other territories.
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Nov 30, 2022
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Mushroom Wars 2 opens up a world of mushroom kingdoms looking to expand by taking over other territories. You control a force of warriors who emerge from buildings and decide when to invade enemy territory. At same time, some buildings can be upgraded to become stronger against enemies, and multiplayer modes are waiting for you to conquer.

Mushroom Wars 2 MOD


Players will experience exciting gameplay when they start Mushroom Wars 2, where battles for territory take place between mushroom warriors of different colors. The ultimate goal of the game is to conquer all the buildings on the map, and of course this is not an easy process when the opponent is always trying to stop you.

You will know your color and start moving the mushroom warriors to raid different buildings on the map. The controls are solely focused on selecting and touching the place you want these characters to go. At the same time, each building you conquer has specific roles that you shouldn’t ignore. This game demands a lot of tactical skill from the player when choosing the right career goal.

Mushroom Wars 2 Free MOD


When you start the Mushroom Wars 2 level, you will see buildings with white or gray colors indicating that it does not belong to any faction. So if you want to occupy them, it’s easy if you meet enough requirements and they’ll instantly turn into a building of your color. Of course, after conquering a certain building, you should use many different tactics to protect and strengthen the fighting power.

Some starter buildings have the property of increasing the number of warriors over time, allowing you to use these powers in a variety of ways. You can move the troops in the already strong buildings to the weaker buildings to increase defenses. At the same time, this work must be done continuously, so that the enemy cannot take over your building, and you can gather an impressive number of troops from different buildings to support you.

It can be said that times of competition are inevitable and one of the factors that every player wants is the attacking towers. These towers in particular have different properties than buildings that spawn many warriors as they attack nearby targets. Anyone will feel uncomfortable being attacked by the enemy, so this is always the target the enemy is always aiming at, and often mobilizes a lot of troops to watch out for.

Mushroom Wars 2 MOD APK


An interesting point when experiencing Mushroom Wars 2 is the upgrading of buildings that spawn warriors. Their appearance will change as they go through many upgrades, and their stats will also change significantly. At the same time, you also need to engage some troops in upgrading these buildings, and when they finish their work, they will not be able to capture other buildings. In other words, the number of troops decreases with each upgrade.

It can be said that this is a completely interesting gameplay that attracts players and there are many ways you can improve your tactical skills. You can participate in different PVE levels to learn more about the mechanics of the game and master strategies over time. At the same time, if you are confident in your abilities, you should not hesitate to engage in battles with other opponents. The number of players will increase and constantly inhibit each other’s growth.

Mushroom Wars 2 Free MOD APK

Players will control the forces of mushroom warriors participating in the conquest:

  • Players engage in conquest campaigns to take possession of the maps’ buildings and win over the opponent.
  • Warriors can spawn from various buildings to occupy other locations or to support locations that are under attack.
  • Players have to pay attention to different types of buildings, e.g. B. Buildings that help create forces or that attack approaching enemies.
  • You can ask the warrior squad to help with the building upgrade, and after the operation is successful, they can no longer participate in the battle.
  • You can complete various challenges, e.g. B. Multiplayer battles in which many people constantly attack and hold each other back.





  • God Mode
  • Speed Multiplier
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Unlimited Energy (skill)


  • High Unit Speed
  • Always Full Skill Energy

Tips :

1. Dont use mod until pass the 3 battle from tutorial.
2. Visually Link to enemy , but dont work for him.

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