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In My Cafe Mod APK, players operate a cafe. They take orders, tap on machines to gather cupcakes, ice cream, or components for items like English tea, then serve customers and earn money.
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Dec 5, 2022
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My Cofe is a service-oriented game where players take on the role of a coffee shop and spend time developing it. You will have a very good coffee shop, so it will take time for you to grow to an amazing level and make a lot of customers. At the same time, you are the one who decides how much money you will get for the desserts and drinks you make. It will be a great experience.

My Cafe MOD


In My Cafe, players play the role of a girl who owns her own house and uses it to build her coffee shop. But there is a problem even though the house has a lot of space, there are very few things related to making coffee or serving guests. You are the one who will help the main character to attract more visitors and earn more money to develop his shop. At the same time, it can be said that this is a long journey for the players.

In the current Halloween event, players will find new vendors. You will be surprised when your guests are characters from mythology such as vampires, werewolves and many other fascinating entities. In addition, you can also collect some decorations for your cafe because they all look amazing. The area around your coffee shop will also be transformed to look like a Halloween party.

My Cafe Free MOD


When I started My Cafe, I had a coffee machine and a table to serve a guest. So when a guest arrives, the host automatically prepares the right drink for them, and you monitor their interactions. It’s okay if you don’t pay attention to some of the information in the conversation because it’s important that you know what to do. As the number of customers increases, you can buy new items.

My Cafe APK

After you serve the guest, you get some money to buy a new item like a new table. You have to pay attention to the fact that some things must go together with the other. For example, if you want to order a cake display case, you need to install a morning stand so that it can be used. The main reason players think about it is that you can customize the creation of your coffee.

My Cafe Free MOD APK


When you order a feature, you get some money and experience in My Cafe. You can increase your level to unlock new items, sweets, and drinks so you don’t miss out on your service. At the same time, the money you earn can buy whatever you like to fill the space for your cafe. There are many ways to earn money that you will find in the game.

One way to help you earn money in this game is to serve guests, but you must go through the list of desserts and drinks that you make. You can see the extra money that others have to pay, and you can increase it to a standard. If the background color of the coin you collect is green, that is a fair price for the seller. Yellow indicates that customers are considering a purchase, and red indicates that no one will buy.



  • Decorate your coffee shop however you like, hire and train staff, decide on coffee menu items, and set prices according to your needs and wants.
  • Do you have a natural talent for design? Develop your interior design skills! In this cooking creation, you can choose from a variety of interior designs, arrange furniture to your liking, and personalize the coffee shop to reflect your unique personality by adding in things that reflect your personality.
  • Develop one-of-a-kind coffee recipes and use them to add life to your coffee and creative coffee drink combinations.
  • Use your barista powers to make unique tea and coffee for all your guests. Together, complete the festival tasks and lead your city to success!
  • Play My Cafe with your friends and meet like-minded coffee lovers to compete against other coffee shop owners in friendly competition.
  • Do you like a good show? Romance? At My Cafe, the decision is up to you!
  • As a real coffee shop owner, you have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and help them
  • navigate their lives. With this restaurant simulation you can choose between many lines of interaction with customers and see where the conversation will lead you!


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