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Niagara Launcher gives your phone a whole new look and offers a minimalistic experience to help you to form a healthy relationship with your phone. You also get to experience the latest and greatest features of Android 10, including smart replies and dark mode.
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Dec 10, 2022
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Niagara Launcher gives your phone a whole new look and offers a minimalistic interface to help you establish a healthy relationship with your phone. You can also experience the latest and greatest Android 10 features, including smart answers and dark mode.

Niagara Launcher MOD APK

Niagara Launcher Pro Overview

Niagara Launcher allows users to work faster and more conveniently. This application allows you to quickly turn off the screen with one touch. Users can change the smartphone or tablet screen layout to their liking. This application always recognizes the contribution of customers, and based on this, develops and updates more and more features to meet the needs of users.


Accessing everything with one hand is simple easy and on any phone or tablet, and you can also turn off the screen with a simple gesture.
Eliminates the outdated, rigid layout of older browsers and allows you to customize them to your liking and your media player, events, etc. comfortably.
Always notify and update news for users and allow you to read and reply to messages on phone screen, especially when using this ad-free launcher.
Fast, smooth running speed and efficient access to each application without having to open the app drawer so that users can access everything quickly and without wasting too much time.
Personalize your home screen according to individual needs and optimize apps to improve your home screen and make the interface more minimalistic to reduce user distraction.
Easily change layouts with ergonomic efficiency

Comfortably change layouts with ergonomic efficiency

With this app, you can access everything with one hand, no matter the size of your phone. This feature makes it easier and more convenient for users to access applications and websites and provides ergonomic efficiency (a list of launchers that can be freely customized according to your preferences). This app removes the rigid layout used by other launchers and presents users with a beautiful, attractive and recognizable layout.

Send you continuous notifications

With Niagara Launcher, users are constantly and quickly notified. These notifications are not just dots, they are displayed prominently in the corners of your phone so you can read and respond to them right on the screen. All notifications provided by this application are built-in. This smart and modern way of sending notifications saves you time and effort when reading and replying to messages.

The simple interface allows users to focus more

The design of this app is clean, logical and minimalistic for your convenience. This makes the screen look better and clearer. Niagara Launcher was created with simplicity in mind to minimize distractions, make it easy to use, and help you find the things you need faster. Not only that, the ads in the launcher are minimal and you won’t be bothered by ads that aren’t there. There are no ads at all even in the trial version.

Update and personalize your home screen

Users can change the Niagara launcher icons in their pack and their respective fonts and wallpapers, or select a photo from the gallery. You can also hide preinstalled malware and rarely used apps. The clean interface that the app offers makes many people happy and improves their screens.

Fast and smooth running speed brings you a great user experience

One of the key features of this application is flexibility, minimalism and high execution speed. This application works very smoothly on different phones, bringing joy to users and everyone’s favorite. This application allows you to get the most out of your data and saves disk space.


In addition to the great features mentioned above, this app also provides accessibility options for users to turn off the screen easier and faster. This app saves you time and effort and makes it easy to operate with just one finger. The app is constantly being improved based on user feedback to help people work more efficiently and productively.


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