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ProShot MOD APK is a complex and powerful camera software full with features, settings, and choices that may overwhelm at first,
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Dec 2, 2022
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ProShot is a photo and video capture application with advanced customization features that help you create stunning products. You’ll take the time to match the relevant elements to your location’s colors and lighting. In addition, the quality of the product and the aspect ratio are also factors that should be considered and you can edit them easily. Surely this will be a tool that every user will enjoy using.


For a photo application like ProShot, it is necessary to help users capture many elements to bring three new light painting modes to latest version. These include water, star and pear. If you look at names of these modes, you’ll know what subjects they’re capturing or recording. You can easily capture flowing streams and dramatic starry skies.

ProShot MODProShot Free MOD


If you experience ProShot, you will enjoy the elements that this application offers you. It offers advanced photo and video recording feature-packed to help you capture the images or videos you want. In addition, you will spend a lot of time learning and setting up different shooting and recording modes depending on the topic and updating with exciting new features.

In the upper right corner of the screen you will see a text Auto; This automatic feature allows you to adjust items like Iso, Shutter, and WB. You’ll see for yourself the different modes available, from manual to automatic to custom. By providing many options, you can efficiently use and get beautiful photos and high-quality movies depending on the situation. At same time, manual editing is not as complex as you think.

If you select manual and the letter M appears in the right corner of the screen, you will see three items: SHR (shutter), WB and ISO. The shutter factor is related to the exposure time, and depending on the light source, you have different parameters to choose from. The second factor is that ISO is related to light sensitivity, and the higher the index, the more light is increased in the image. The last factor is that WB determines the color of the image depending on the weather.

ProShot APK


If you shoot with ProShot, you will surely care about quality that this application can fully support. Since application lets you take both photos and videos, you need to choose the appropriate file format, frame rate, and appropriate resolution. Everyone wants products they create to be absolutely high-quality and to be able to achieve up to 4K quality video and a flawless photo with just one application.

Another simple factor that every user needs to consider is aspect ratio. The application allows you to choose from many different aspect ratios and this operation should be done first because product you create will have many uses later. In particular, you can use videos you record to create stunning videos or photos that are posted on various social networking sites.

ProShot Free MOD APKProShot MOD APK


  • Like a DSLR, it has Auto, Program, Manual and two fully customizable custom settings.
  • Exposure, focus, flash, ISO, shutter speed, flashlight and white balance can all be controlled manually, semi-manually or automatically. Shoot in JPEG, RAW or RAW + JPEG* (.DNG file is equivalent to RAW).
  • Infinity shutter and live preview are available in light painting mode. Keep eye on your photos as they grow right before your eyes!
  • Record in full resolution in 16:9, 4:3 and 1:1 aspect ratios. Custom Aspect Mode: Record in any aspect ratio including 21:9, 17:10 and 50:3.
  • Full manual control over time-lapse mode. Zero latency bracketing up to 3 stops in 1/3 stop increments*
  • If you select the Auto ISO option, manual mode becomes the shutter priority*.
  • Front camera with exposure control
  • Only one finger is required to zoom.
  • The camera roll is fully functional and integrated with viewfinder. EXIF data can be viewed, and video playing, media sharing, and deleting are supported.
  • Two different modes in one level
  • JPEG quality, noise reduction quality and image position can all be tweaked.
  • GPS, screen brightness, camera shutter and other shortcuts
  • The most advanced camera user interface ever developed
  • Video frame rate, resolution and bit rate can all be changed. 180 degree control alternatives that conform to the industry standard.
  • Even if a video is recorded net, you can zoom in and change any camera setting. Audio input level in real time



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