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Tap Titans 2 is a tap-based game where players can execute Sword Master's attacks and take down titans. You will have easy access to the mechanics of this
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Dec 13, 2022
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Tap Titans 2 is a tap game where players can defeat the Sword Master’s attacks and defeat the titans. The mechanics of this game are easy to access and you can go through many levels to collect resources. At the same time, there are many aspects of your personality that determine how hard you can focus on anything. So, when you feel confident about your attack, you can enter various challenging games.


The story of Tap Titans 2 opens and you see a titan with a huge build and black appearance fighting against other heroes. But these heroes didn’t last long because soon after, the black titan attacked and the nearby house fell. It’s not the end of humanity when you become a Sword Master and become an enemy of titans, you go on a long journey with nature.

The environment in the game is set in a 2D world, where the screen is split in two. At the top, this is the screen where the player fights against powerful titans, and you try to help him with them. Below, are the updated features that you will use the coins to unlock. It can be said that this is a game that is not difficult to approach, the players themselves choose the development path for their characters.

Tap Titans 2 MOD Tap Titans 2 Free MOD


The main task that the players have to do in Tap Titans 2 is to defeat the titans with the terrifying forms and blows of the Sword Master. You don’t really have to worry about things like character movement because your character just stands in front of the titans and swings his sword at them. So you have to tap the screen to make the ribbons, and it will take time to defeat the titan with the same amount of gold coins.

You kill your enemies quickly and there is no break between the two opponents. The environment changes when you reach a certain area, and you usually have to attack enemies and sometimes end up choosing the right upgrade element. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about being attacked because you can hire more heroes for your team. These features are as powerful as you can upgrade the protagonist and attack automatically.

In addition to the basic gameplay that you experience throughout, playing to increase your strength, you will find other types of exciting games that you cannot ignore. The competitive mode is where players can claim their position and help you earn exciting rewards, including animals. For the raid mode, you get a raid ticket so you can join the clan and attack a big titan with a lot of health.

Tap Titans 2 APK Tap Titans 2 MOD APK Tap Titans 2 Free MOD APK


The power of the main character in Tap Titans 2 increases over time through different features. You can increase attack power while leveling up and unlock powerful abilities for the character. At the same time, the people you hire can increase the level to balance the strength of the team. Some tools are released during the battle to introduce the character and pet as your ally while supporting the attack and adding some special effects.


  • Offline and on the go, enjoy the full lazy RPG gaming experience.
  • In 14 beautiful worlds, hand-drawn, click to destroy +150 all new giants.
  • Enlist real heroes and animals to help you survive the massive attack.
  • Unlock special skills to help you, fight against creatures, become better.
  • Increase power and money in your achievements for powerful ancient relics, which can make you stronger.
  • Collect items to modify your hero’s sword and armor to suit your play style.
  • In multiplayer mode, create or join clans to fight against great bosses.
  • During seasonal events, choose attractive ways to earn points and rare items.
  • Compete in international tournaments against players from all over the world to show your skills and win amazing prizes.




  • Mod Menu
  • Coins Increase
  • Coins not decrease
  • Mana not decrease
  • No Skill Cooldown
  • Vip Features Enabled
  • Fairy Video Skip
  • Pet auto attack is active
  • Auto upgrade heros after prestige is active
  • Unlimited Fairys
  • All item sets bonus is active //works after prestige, or if you enable it before game was loaded (No working for relics boost)
  • Only fight with bosses
  • Hero scrolls level (0-100) // 0=Hack Disabled works after prestige, or if you enable it before game was loaded,
  • Hero weapons level (0-100) //0=Hack Disabled works after prestige, or if you enable it before game was loaded
  • Instant Max Stage //Kill a boss to get instantly to your max stage
  • Free Passive Skill Upgrade //works after prestige, or if you enable it before game was loaded, the mod will upgrade it for your account so pay attemption to ban risk
  • Auto Buy Always Avaiable

Note 1: If you enable Coins Increase and Coins not decrease at the same time Coins not decrease take priority
Note 2: A trick to use mods that works only if enabled before game load is enable the chosed mod then Disable/Enable Scientific Notation because it will reload the game


  • Advertising is disabled;
  • After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu with the following features:
  1. Infinite mana (not spent when used);
  2. Infinite golds (not spent when used);
  3. Activate all bonuses of all sets of equipment (turn on immediately after the start of the game, namely after the splash screen appears);
  4. Battles only with bosses;
  5. Increase the levels of weapons and scrolls of the hero (turn on immediately after the start of the game, namely after the splash screen appears).

NOTE: You can get banned for using the mod!


  • Coins increase when spent!

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