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Tempest Pirate Action An adventure RPG that won the hearts of over 300.000 players is now on your mobile!
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Sep 9, 2022
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Tempest: Pirate Action is an adventure RPG that has won the hearts of over 300,000 players and is now available on your mobile! Become a brave pirate, sail the seas on a battleship armed to the teeth, trade and assemble your team of the best thugs, defeating other pirates and legendary monsters such as Kraken, Leviathan and others still unknown to science in the naval warfare. ! You will need a huge arsenal: mortars, guns, flamethrowers and many other different equipment. But you will earn most destructive sea artifacts only for completing interesting and complex multi-level quests.

Tempest: Pirate RPG MOD APK


Tempest: Pirate Action RPG is a game where players travel across vast and dangerous seas. You can complete various tasks and start your journey to build your team. At the same time, everyone can participate in naval battles, where the chances of victory are determined by skill and judgment. So from this amazing journey it is impossible to take your eyes off.

An impressive pirate journey opens to the player

The story of Tempest begins with a naval battle in which you control ships and try to destroy enemy ships. Always move and keep your distance from the enemy to facilitate artillery fire. But there is a surprise when the kraken naval enemy has appeared and wants to take control of your ship. After several cannon shots, monster is wounded and boat is allowed to continue its journey.

Players enter a beautiful, vast and completely mysterious world to explore. With a certain number of crew members, you begin your journey across the seven seas. At the same time, weapons must be carefully prepared for each trip, during which players spend time buying weapons. You can easily switch from third person ocean view from the deck to first person view.

Prepare Other Items to Begin Your Journey

Now you can go to the port of Tempest and start preparing the necessary items. You can recruit the new crew members who can be assigned duties on deck, sails, and even artillery. At the same time, if your ship runs out of space, you will have to wait for later waves or upgrade your boat to make it stronger and bigger. But it will definitely take a long time.

Another important point that cannot be ignored is the need to control weapons and prepare the required amount of ammunition. Along the way, you will encounter different types of enemies, from humans to sea monsters, so you should always have a weapon ready. At the same time, you will need to adjust the number of sailors in key positions in order to increase the speed of your ship, fight enemies and reload the artillery you use.

Fighting Other Ships

When you select a job in Tempest and start your journey, you will see ships moving around the map. In a few seconds, the ship will be completely under your control, and reconnaissance and combat will begin. You can spot enemies and see weapon marks in the vast blue areas on either side of the boat. From there, you will have to maneuver your ship to keep the enemy in the area.

You need to keep the enemy in the target area for a while so that you can fire the cannon. We click on the weapon bullet, but it does not shoot immediately, you need to wait a bit before it shoots. So, if you do everything right, you will gradually see enemy boats burning more and more. If it is not destroyed, the ship can be approached and the crews from both sides will attack each other.



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