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In a world of fantasy, called Terra Mystica, 14 races are fighting together or individually against their opponents to gain power and territory. Using their resources smartly and terraforming wisely to gain supremacy and lead their own settlers to victory.
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Jul 15, 2020
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In the fantasy world called Terra Mystica, 14 races fight together or separately with their opponents for power and territory. Skillfully using your resources and terraforming wisely to gain the upper hand and lead your settlers to victory. Original digital conversion of the ornate Terra Mystica board game by Helge Ostertag and Jens Drogemüller. Play against other players from all over the world or challenge the computer opponent.


Terra Mystica is a strategy game with a simple game principle and very little luck: you control one of 14 factions that try to change the landscape of the playing field in their favor in order to build their buildings. On the one hand, proximity to other players limits your options for further expansion, but on the other hand, it provides some advantages during the game. This conflict is source of the Terra Mystica’s appeal.
Buildings can be upgraded to provide even more resources such as workers, priests, coins, and power. Build temples to gain more influence in four cults of Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Build your stronghold to activate the group’s special ability. Expand and build the new Dwellings to have the lot of Workers at hand. Or take care of a constant influx of coins by building trading posts.
14 artfully designed factions, each with unique special abilities, as well as interchangeable bonus cards, provide a large number of possible games that keep this game interesting all the time!

Features of Terra Mystica:

– Easy to learn: An interactive tutorial will help you get started in this deep strategy game
– Hard to master: Huge depth and interesting solutions that aren’t too hard to understand. The best strategy always wins!
– Replayability: An ever-changing and challenging gaming experience with new combinations. Do you want to try all the fantasy racing games! The perfect game for hardcore gamers!
– difficult events: only strategy and tactics are taken into account, not luck!
– game replays: analyze your best games or learn tricks from professional settlers
– multiplayer game: challenge the best players on all platforms around the world or play against your family and friends
– three computer challenges: try to beat the computer opponent
– Latest Update: This game uses the latest version of the board game rules.


– German Games Award (награда German Games)
– Game of the Year (Nomination) (игра года – номинант)
– Golden Geek Game Award
– Nederlandse Spellenpreijs
– International Gamers Awards

What's new

- Fixed push notification issue
- Fixed AI in online games from making stupid blunders
- Small improvements to all AI
- "Merge Account" function restored



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