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Get creative non-stop with Toca Lab: Plants so you can create the most unusual plant varieties. You will become the most talented experimenter
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Oct 31, 2022
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Get creative with Toca Lab: Plants that let you create the most unusual plants. You will become a more experienced tester when you take part in the fun tests of the game. In particular, the game helps players to research and discover unique species. You can let your kids get lost in the gallery so they can be creative with beautiful plants—a great game for kids to learn more useful things. Try safe chemistry as much as you want to relax and have fun.


Do you have plants with feelings and eyes and mouths? Crazy, no, but this happens in Toca Lab: Plants. You take care of the observe and plants their emotional reactions. The game provides players with 35 different types of plants to test and protect. Divided into 5 plant groups: green algae, moss, ferns, trees, and flower plants, players are free to choose the plant group they like best. Each type of plant has different characteristics and forms. You either have good growth or you don’t.

These plants react when exposed to laboratory equipment in the laboratory, including lights, watering cans, nutrient stations, growing equipment, and incubators. You will love to see the different characteristics of these plants during the experiment. The first thing is to choose a type of plant and then give it enough light for the plant to grow. However, not all plants like light. When you shine a light on them, you have to look at how they work.

Toca Lab: Plants MOD Toca Lab: Plants Free MOD


If you find that your plants do not like the light, find out why and bring them into the laboratory to change their behavior in the new environment. For plants to adapt to all light environments, you need to be able to adapt, do not send your plants to places where they will die quickly. Adding rocks, electric shocks, or adding nutrients needed to treat plants is not a bad idea.

Basically, plants will not survive if you don’t water them. Try watering your plants and observe their funny reactions. If it is angry with this, it means that the plant does not like a lot of water, and if the tree likes the water provided, it is a very demanding plant. You can also use a round tank full of water to see which plants float on water.


When your plants grow in the green lab, you can also combine them to create new hybrids. Use a hybrid method by combining 2 plants of your choice to create a unique hybrid. These hybrids will have new traits and disease resistance, sometimes even better than the parent plant, creating many hybrid plants with different effects and traits, so you have a unique set of genes.

Of course, you are allowed to grow all the plants in your lab for testing. But, you should also see if your tree is happy because the plants were created in Toca Lab: All plants have happy and sad emotions, just like people. Don’t let negative emotions cause plants to grow badly.

Toca Lab: Plants MOD APK Toca Lab: Plants APK


You can become an expert in growing plants while playing Toca Lab: Plant. If you find a plant that you like, you can also use a mirror to increase the number of plants and maintain the characteristics of the plants. Each time you close, you create 5 more identical trees by giving the main tree and clone machine. Once released from the oven, the plants become reserve stock that you can use for further testing. This is a major advance in greenhouse technology, and you will experience it in a lab full of fun plants.

There are many interesting things waiting for you to discover in Toca Lab: Fun plants and plants. You can learn a lot by learning the names of living plants. Teach children the fun of the game to grow different types of plants and breed the best varieties. The more kids are tested, the more options they have, in addition to helping players love the environment and learn more about science—a game that’s valuable to you to enhance your thinking and thinking skills.



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