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The development of modern vehicles today will always integrate with many intelligent systems for users to track more conveniently and easily through
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Ian Hawkins
Sep 23, 2022
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The development of new vehicles today is always connected to many intelligent systems for users to follow easily and easily with the help of AI. This is one of the most useful functions for cars, and this article will introduce Torque Pro for users to track and check everything about the vehicle. Through it, the total durability of each part or malfunction is clearly listed, although there are more tips for them to take care of vehicles and extend the life of their favorite vehicles.


Torque Pro itself is considered one of the most advanced and innovative tools for modern cars, so it has a unique and well-designed interface. Of course, it also comes with a lot of easy and different settings, users can customize everything and personalize the interface in different ways. The relevant media information is divided into various sections or folders on the home page, and some functions are automatically displayed based on the privacy settings. Not only that, but everything can be set up properly, for better monitoring and accuracy because users can set up two monitors of different activities at the same time.

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There are few applications on the market today that can track the entire system, but users need to track new cars with AI-powered systems. The first thing they need to do is connect the app’s system to the vehicle, which can be done via a Bluetooth or OBD scanner. When connected, the application automatically scans the systems, thereby displaying the model and identification information of the user’s vehicle. It not only stops scanning, but also displays various functions, so it is easier to track or monitor traffic through AI than manual monitoring. The arrival of the device promises to help people take better care of their vehicles and provide detailed instructions for each maintenance.


The most popular feature of Torque Pro is its full scan of the device through its AI system to provide users with all the detailed information about the duration of the vehicle. The scanning process is divided into different parts, with each level of efficiency depending on the needs of the user, they can have the opportunity to check the system after long trips. After completing the scan, the user can click on a part, and all the information will be displayed in full detail, such as the performance, the accuracy of the part, the tolerance of the machine, and others. Users can click directly on each part of the vehicle to see more information and more. The problem of the vehicle can be easily identified through the scanning process, so it can be fixed or fixed regularly,

Torque Pro MOD APK


Most vehicles have a built-in dashboard, but the app can show real-time and more. However, all the information in the dashboard is related to the continuous operation of the vehicle, including the current speed for the user to monitor and drive safely. Not only that, but it also helps people monitor or automatically adjust systems on the go, knowing how much CO2 is being emitted right when driving. Most of the information may not be useful to the user, but it can be of great use for those who consider small details, which help to improve driving performance.


Torque Pro introduces more intelligent systems for a better and safer driving experience, starting with simple GPS. In addition, it connects to Google Maps data and allows users to overlay various GPS points for a smooth driving experience. In addition to GPS, the application also tracks all routes or locations of the user, thus saving specific travel logs. GPS support is extensive and useful, and voice assistants are also available to help people focus more on driving.


Applications will be near the end and rich for cars to help users have a safe driving experience. It also provides useful information for them to maintain their vehicles and save unnecessary repair costs, even providing detailed information or videos. So, the driver assistance features are very useful and help to position the car in different situations based on the vehicle’s sensors. Basically, the application covers everything that is missing from the car and shows everything to the user.

Torque Pro is a useful tool to improve vehicle ownership or vehicle maintenance if you have a new vehicle with AI installed.



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