Touhou Madouroku v MOD APK (God Mod, More Damage, Add Graze)


Touhou Madouroku Mod APK is a game designed according to the highly familiar shooting action gameplay. Touhou Madouroku Mod APK.
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Nov 27, 2022
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Touhou Madouroku is a game that offers its players highly immersive combat experience. If you’re a particular fan of action-packed games, this is game you’ll want to add to your collection. With this game, players fully participate in various specific games that only their talent can overcome.

Touhou Madouroku 1


All the different games need to build themselves a really attractive game system. A game with the attractive gameplay will be able to offer its players a special attraction, even for new players at first login. Makers of Touhou Madouroku have developed an extremely well-known action game system for their products, which integrates many unique features.

With familiar gameplay, the makers can fully customize your game with many different play styles. And when it comes to your game, you can control interesting characters to take part in the various intense battles that have been prepared. But one of the game’s unique features will be that your controls will be as simple as tapping and sliding across the game screen.


In addition to an attractively developed gameplay, a special combat mechanism has also been created to match action gameplay. Players coming to Touhou Madouroku will be able to feel an easy integration as combat mechanics are set up similarly to other regular bullet shooting games. The task that you have to perform in game is to control your main character to fire bullets and destroy his enemies.

Touhou Madouroku 2Touhou Madouroku 3

But on the contrary, the player must also have good control skills to be able to dodge the opponent’s attack. You have to take part in the Bullet Hell Battle with many bullets fired by the enemy to attack and destroy every time you make careless mistakes. Don’t worry too much because usually your character will have a low hit point and take more damage than you think, and the size of the bullets will also be smaller in battle.


In order to offer its players the most specific challenges, a challenge system can be created with many different levels of difficulty. With attractive challenge system supported, players are ready to start the game at any time to prove their ability to overcome them. That’s why you have to face set challenges – where many different enemies are waiting to crush you.

Your game can be divided into many different game modes, so you can choose a mode that suits your fighting skills yourself. Game modes are divided into “Easy”, “Normal”, “Hard” and “Crazy”, with levels of difficulty increasing in turn. Number of bullets fired and the density fired varies depending on the difficulty. Regardless of the difficulty chosen, however, game will be divided into six levels in which you can fight.


The last feature that the game can offer its players will directly affect the gaming experience and that will undoubtedly be the graphics. Games that possess excellent graphic quality help their players to fully feel message that the game is trying to send. Therefore, the creators of the game have also come up with an excellent animation system so that players can feel the entire level of the game.

Touhou Madouroku 4Touhou Madouroku 5

Touhou Madouroku is made in Japan, and the developers have also taken great care to highlight the essence of Japanese style. Game’s characters are all designed in an extremely unique, friendly and cute Japanese cartoon graphic style. All will work together in most detailed way so that players feel a level of visual satisfaction that the game can bring.


  • The game is modeled after well-known action genre but with many different exciting features.
  • The gameplay that the game builds for you will consist of extremely fierce battles, but combined with extremely simple controls.
  • The combat mechanics that the game creates can give players a familiarity with nature that the regular bullet shooting game possesses.
  • Many difficult challenges are also prepared for you, with different game modes to choose to suit your skills.
  • The graphics are designed by the game’s designer in Japanese style, which is very detailed, delicate and beautiful with cute character pictures.


MOD Info

  • God Mod
  • More Damage
  • Add Graz

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